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Moral and Ethical Leadership Starts at Home

What is the mission and purpose of the women’s event series? Morality and ethics begins in the home. Women play a crucial role in developing the moral and ethical leaders of tomorrow. We want to provide a forum to discuss issues and promote positive ideas relevant to women. Our goal is to provide continued learning and networking opportunities for women in every phase of life.

Who should participate? Women, regardless of their age or stage in life. Lifelong learning and networking are important regardless of what we are doing; whether it is working full or part-time; volunteering in our church, community, or schools; and/or being a parent and managing a household.

Why should you participate and how? The BYU Management Society – Minnesota Chapter Women’s Event Series is a great opportunity to engage with other women in a professional setting. Come learn skills and discuss ideas that are relevant to all women. Join our chapter at and our LinkedIn group “BYU Management Society – Minnesota Chapter” to stay informed about our upcoming events.